News, Press Releases and Concert Programs



Final Friday Percussion Program

2015-2016 Season Brochure




June 5th Concert Program

Beautiful Mind Festival

April 17th Concert Program

April 13th Recital Program

March 13th Concert Program

The ECO and the Barber National Institute

Tall Tales and Long Tails

February 20th Concert Program

February 15th Recital Program

ECO Annual MLK Tribute Concert

January 16th Concert Program

December 12th Concert Program

ECO Classical Christmas Festival

November 7th Concert Program

October 17th Concert Program

ECO Releases First Recorded Album

Peter and the Wolf Concert Tour

September 19th Concert Program

Joe Luckey Recital 1 – A New Era Begins

ECO and Gannon Receive First-Ever NEA Grant

Our 2014-2015 Season Brochure

ECO Announces 37th Season




June 6th Concert Program

ECO Records History

ECO Concertmaster Passes the Torch

April 25th Concert Program

April 25th Concert Preview

ABCs of the Symphonies Returns

Rachel Barton Pine and Adé Williams Visit Local Schools

ABCs of the Symphonies

36th Season Announced

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