An Unlikely Beginning

From ECO program note author Professor Annmarie George I was 8 yrs. old and going shopping on our standard Saturday shopping trip to downtown Erie with my mother all dressed up in my pretty dress, white gloves, black patent shoes and white lace trimmed socks. After we were done shopping my mom discovered that our … More An Unlikely Beginning

The Burden of Genius

From ECO soloist Dr. Martha Summa Chadwick and General Manager Steve Weiser Reprinted with permission from Exceptional Parent Magazine – subscribe here! A spectacular series of concert performances, lectures, and workshops to advocate for a very special musical cause is scheduled in the beautiful city of Erie, Pennsylvania, during the week of April 13-17, 2015. … More The Burden of Genius

Prelude to the Dream

From ECO soloist Dr. Martha Summa Chadwick The ECO chamber music concert on Monday evening April 13th is designed as a unique celebration of both the aesthetic and therapeutic value of music. While much is known about how music influences mankind on the hedonic level, little is generally known about how music is actually experienced … More Prelude to the Dream

Music in our Schools

From Barber National Institute Executive Vice President Maureen Barber-Carey This past March was the 30th anniversary of national Music In Our Schools Month! This is a great time to celebrate the wonderful ways that music enhances learning. Several years ago, we made the commitment to boost the music program in our school. We began by … More Music in our Schools

WQLN March Podcast

Our live radio show from March 13th with guests from the Magic Flute, including Jamie Flora, Shannon Dooley, John Dooley, Natalie Polito, Marc Webster, Kate Amatuzzo, Rob Frankenberry, Kris Denton and GM Steve Weiser along with host Brian Hannah.  

Mozart and Me

From ECO Keyboardist Beth Etter I can relive the experience vividly, though it’s been decades ago. It was summer. I had just graduated from Allegheny College as a music major. Even then, the question was, what now? Great college, but. . .music major, from a small, rural, liberal arts college, where pre-med and pre-law students … More Mozart and Me

Being Bad is Good

From ECO Soloist Kate Amatuzzo (Papagena in our upcoming Magic Flute in Concert) I’ll never forget the first time I was cast in an opera. It was the spring of 2004, and I was just finishing up my freshman year of college at Mercyhurst University. I was a vocal performance major with a bit of … More Being Bad is Good

The Selfless Giant

From ECO Principal Cellist Ruth Ann Scanzillo Composers, like poets or painters, travel incognito. They aren’t visibly weighed down, unlike instrumental musicians with those often unwieldy cases. And, unlike actors, they wear faces nobody knows. In mixed company, most might see them as afficionados or patrons. But, their agenda is a breed apart. When composers … More The Selfless Giant