Written by ECO second flute Dr. Nicole McPherson
NJMcPhersonFrom all of the career paths I’ve chosen in my life so far, including becoming a mom, becoming a momcologist was not a choice. But a mission I have been on to save my baby girl’s life.

Here’s the facts. . . My husband Andrew and I have 2 beautiful kids. Benjamin who’s is 7 and Eleanor who’s is 2. Eleanor is our cancer kid. She was diagnosed with infant acute lymphoblastic leukemia in September of DSC_31732012. She was 6 months old. And it is rare. Only about 90 cases are diagnosed world wide a year. Although childhood leukemia survival rates continue to improve, the survival rates for infants are less than 50 percent. Her only treatment option has been to endure a highly toxic chemotherapy regimen. Scheduled to end this September. But even though her treatments end, her battles continue. A busy 5-year schedule of scans, tests and imagining. Re-building her immune system, starting all of her immunizations she hasn’t had. All of this, only if she doesn’t relapse. And the rate for that is also at 50 percent. All I wish is to see her finally grow up strong. For her to Love who she is inside and out. And for the cancer to stay away. Forever.

So, when I’m not fluting or teaching or busy being a mommy, I’m busing raising money for more research, SBFLogo-tagline (RGB) | PNGmore therapies that specifically target each child and type of cancer they are fighting. Because national funding is at less than 4 percent for kids’ cancers. And this is just not good enough.

I started a beautiful journey with some courageous mommas with the St. Baldrick’s foundation. We rallyIMG_5856 together trying to find comfort in our community as we all look for more answers and help for our kids. This past Sunday we shaved for our brave kids in Boston. I feel like my family just got a whole lot bigger. My hearts bursts with the love of knowing these beautiful courageous women. This is just my beginning.
If you would like to visit my page and see more about what I am doing, you may do so here:


Dr. Nicole J. McPherson


One thought on “Eleanor

  1. Deep empathies with you, Nicole. My nephew had ALC non Hodgkins two years ago at 16. You have my heart. ❤

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